Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My First Post

January 1

Found a pattern for a sausage pillowcase on YouTube so I got my new sewing machine set up and made a sample one of these. It was so easy and it came out really well, so I'll have to get some more fabric and make me a few sets. I also started a quilt many years ago so I got out the pieces and started to sew on that.

January 2 and 3

I took down Christmas decorations and tree what a mess that was, tree spills everywhere. I suppose I'll still be finding spills for the next month. My Mom has a fake tree and maybe there's something to be said for it, at lest you don't have to much mess with one. Randy says if he has to have a fake tree he's not having one at all. Oh well I guess I'll have to put up with the mess if I want to have a tree.

Made a list of what I wanted to acomplish this year. It's a short list but I think it's mangable.

-finish quilt top
-finish at lest 12 ornaments
-organize my stash
-make more pillowcases to give as gifts
-start one piece for Valentines, Thanksgiving, Halloween and Easter

I also have a list of stuff I have to buy.
-filing cabinet
-rubbermate drawers
-rotater cutter
-self healing mat
- iron (mine died)

Well all that should keep me busy for awhile.

Stitch wise I've managed to put 3 strand of backstitch in my festive bells ornament in the last 2 days. LOL not good I know, but I have an excuse. I joined a cross stitch group on facebook and they are a really nice group. So I asked if 123stitch was still up and running they all said yes. Yup you guessed I'll been there all day yesterday didn't get a darn thing done. I must remember to post today and try not to spend all day there.


  1. Love your first post! I am now a follower..:) On my blog there is FREE Cross Stitch kit..on the left sidebar.

  2. Tanya, keep blogging and you will have lots of followers! Great way to start. Keep checking out my Canadian blog for giveaways and check my Sunday Canadian Scenic pictures. I love Canada! http://www.simplyshopandsave.ca